Every person suffers from low back pain at least once in her or his life.. There are many causes of low back pain. When it comes to complaint of low back pain, at first, question of whether I had lumbar disc herniation comes to everyone's mind, but almost 5% of low back pain is caused by lumbar disc herniation. In fact, we can say that most of low back pain is caused by the lumbar muscles and joints. The low back pain can be usually relieved by rest and drug treatments or without treatment.. Pain in other organs may also cause reflected pain in the lumbar region. Osteoarthritis in lumbar bones, compression fracture due to osteoporosis or mild trauma, bone tumor or bone other organ tumors metastatic to bones can cause low back pain as isolated. In lumbar disc herniation, the leg pain is also seen in addition to low back pain. In fact, the complaint does not consist solely of low back pain, we can say that the pain that spreads from the hip to the leg is usually typical for lumbar disc herniation. I would definitely advise you to be examined by a neurosurgeon or physical therapist for determining cause of the low back pain. I wish healthy and painless days to everyone :)


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