Brain tumor surgery is decided according to the size and location of the tumor, the examination findings and general condition of the patient... Before surgery, the patients and their relatives should be informed in detail about brain tumor surgery. The risks of brain tumor surgery depend on that the tumor is located at critical sites or is adjacent to critical regions. Brain tumor surgery is performed under the microscope with microsurgical technique. The size and location of the tumor are revealed by brain MRI and the surgical technique is decided by a detailed examination of MRI. Except for some special cases, brain tumor surgery is usually performed with general anesthesia. The area to be opened on the head is determined, and skin incision is made in the region that will be opened. And then, only bone in the region is removed by special devices to reach the tumor. After this phase, the operation continues with the microscope. With the technological development in recent years, the risks of brain tumor surgery have been reduced to a minimum by using neuronavigation surgical device to guide for reaching the tumor. The awake brain surgery technique is also used in the tumors located in critical brain regions. The awake brain surgery is a safe method for patients who are at risk when receiving general anesthesia, and whose tumors are located in sensitive brain regions. In recent years, the risks of brain tumor surgery have been significantly reduced compared to the old times, with the development of technology and surgeons' knowledge and abilities.


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